About Us
Let’s be direct. RIG360 is wired differently. This is an operation where transparency is a given. The lines of communication are wide open. And customers are always in control.
Here, bumper to bumper is more than a phrase. It’s a pledge. A commitment that says we have the skill, expertise and resources to meet your needs. All of them.
Our network of over 60 locations dot the map from throughout the Midwest, to the Southeast and East coast. We cover a lot of territory for one important reason. Because you cover it, too.

With RIG360, you not only gain high-quality service and maintenance expertise, you gain control.

High Quality Service and Maintenance

Whether you’re a fleet service manager or an independent owner-operator, you need a go-to truck service and maintenance resource. A place that doesn’t just have the skill to fix a truck when it’s down, but the perspective to know what it means when a truck is parked in a service bay, instead of moving down the road.

With RIG360, you get more than best-in-class service technicians. You get a plan, complete with clear communications. You get timely answers and realistic expectations. All of which means you’ll always be informed. And in control. Imagine that. Or better yet, put RIG360 to work for you and do more than imagine it. Experience it.

RIG360 Service Technician