Services – RIG360

Every repair shop on every corner has a list of services. We have one, too. Take a look and you’ll see we have all the bases covered. Including a 90-Minute Promise that says we’ll make you, your rig and your business our priority. Sure, we have all the truck services you would expect from a leading on-highway service network. But just as important is the way in which we deliver them. You can expect us to be transparent, open and honest. It’s an approach that will leave you with exactly what you want – answers instead of questions.

We’ll make an initial diagnosis of your truck’s condition, systematically troubleshoot the problem, and tell you what we found within 90 minutes of when you walk through our doors. Then, we follow up that promise with another one. Within the next 90 minutes, you’ll have an initial service estimate on the cost and time it will take to make the repair. When you need information, we promise to get it to you. Quickly.

You can’t make this claim without having the expertise and experience to deliver. It all starts with technicians who take tremendous pride in their work. Technicians who have invested the time in education and training to know today’s leading truck makes and models inside and out. There’s no learning on the job at RIG360. When your truck arrives in one of our service bays, we’re prepared and ready to get to work.

When you want to be proactive about keeping your truck, or an entire fleet, on the road, RIG360 has a plan. In fact, we have a wide range of flat-rate services with one goal in mind – helping you avoid downtime. From DOT inspections and oil changes to complete engine overhauls, we’ve got the right service and maintenance options for you.

After more than 50 years in the diesel truck engine business, we know the drivetrain is the heart of every truck. That’s why it’s the heart of our business. We’ve built the technical expertise required to maintain, service and repair every component of a truck’s drivetrain, including clutches, transmissions and differentials.

Not every truck fleet is the same. That’s why we offer customized service solutions that maximize your uptime and minimize your headaches. Whether at your shop or ours, you’ll always have the confidence that comes with knowing your trucks are road ready.

RIG360 members are dedicated to helping our customers succeed. As part of our commitment to you and your fleet, we offer flexible repair and overhaul financing options with payment plans that fit your needs.